Our Team




Heather Gordon Skin Care & Waxing opened for business on September 1, 2009, originally as a one-room office inside the Morning Star Trading Company. After outgrowing that space, Heather moved a larger office located inside Innate Beauty, Med Spa. It is here where she grew her business and learned many of her advanced treatments. Again she found that to meet client service needs she would have to upgrade and expand which led her to open the first Heather Gordon Spa & Wellness in the Corners II shopping center, 2919 Manchaca Road Austin Texas 78704. Since moving to the South Lamar and Manchaca location Heather's staff has grown to include other skilled and professional practitioners, each specializing in specific areas of expertise. It is at this location, with this team, where she can now support a variety of services in 6 dedicated treatment rooms. Heather Gordon's formal educational background includes education in business and marketing from Penn State University. She earned her Texas State Cosmetology License at Jenissa Beauty Academy and is licensed and/or certified in a number of areas including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, waxing & facials tinting and lash Lifts. Heather has also accomplished becoming certified to the highest level with PCA (physicians care alliance) in advanced chemical peeling. Follow HGSW @heathergordonspa


Spa Manager/Coordinator & Art Director

Asen is an artist and writer. She is experienced in skincare by way of consumption, indulgence and vanity. Dedicated to all avenues of beauty and expression, she strives to create and find art wherever she is. Upon joining the HGSW “Lair” and its Ritualists, she has felt at home to create and assist others in their own pursuits and interests in skincare, beauty, and self-care .

She loves dark academia and decorating to create beautiful environments that inspire warmth and dreams.

Maranda rose lampe l.e.

Skin Ritualist & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Maranda is a licensed esthetician, makeup master, and cosmetic tattoo artist. She is vastly experienced in skin care, a living tome of skincare knowledge, an accomplished lash slayer, and a versed ink magician in both cosmetic and tiny tattooing. Years of study and practice have made her a master of her crafts. She believes that you should never stop learning and will be continuing to advance her education and perfect her skills in spa services.

She loves comedy, antiquing, and adores her feline familiars.

Follow her @winkinthestreets

ShamekiA AgneW L.E. & L.M.T

Skin Ritualist & Massage Therapist

Shamekia is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. She has over a decade of experience in skin care and body care coalesced within her and is often praised for her magickal touch. Well studied in energy work and balance, Shamekia’s goal is to assist in those she encounters in living and shining in their best light.

She loves string crafts, gardening, baking, and candle-crafting.

Follow her @theskinmagus