Brow Lamination



Eyebrow Lamination, also called “Brow Lift” or “Brow Sculpt”, is a service that involves applying a chemical solution to straighten and lift brow hairs. A solution breaks down the bonds in each strand, allowing a provider to move them in any direction to achieve your perfect brow shape.

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for up to 6 weeks.


Brow Lamination

(30 minute appointment)


Brow Lamination with a Brow Tint

(45 minutes appointment)


Brow Lamination with a Brow Tint & Brow Wax

(60 minutes appointment)


Brow Lamination with a Brow Tint & Tweeze

(60 minutes appointment)


Brow Lamination’s are here to stay

The brow lamination craze has been sweeping the beauty world for a few years now, and for good reason! It's all about taking brow hairs you never knew you had and taming them into submission. Unruly brows are no more, thanks to brow lamination’s. It gives brows an instant boost and helps to shape brows that have previously been impossible to control. Eyebrow perms have revolutionized eyebrow hairs - who knew it was even possible? Lash lifts were just the start and brow lamination’s take brow shaping to a whole new level. This beauty trend is here to stay, so perfect your brows before they're out of style again.

History of Brow Lamination’s

What a difference eyebrow lamination’s have made in the beauty industry! A relatively new and innovative eyebrow service, eyebrow lamination has become part of the eyebrow services for many brow artists. The trend was invented back in 2017 by Russian therapist Natalya Petukhova as she sought to create fluffy brows on her clients that would last longer than either eyebrow perms or other eyebrow services. It started as an experimental service with only few eyebrow technicians willing to offer it but since then, getting your brows laminated has taken off, becoming one of the most popular eyebrow treatments around the world. Thanks to this revolutionary invention, eyebrows have never looked better and more put together - we can thank Natalya Petukhova's patience and creativity for this amazing discovery. All the way from Russia to Austin tx, the fluffy brow trend is taking over the world.

What is a Brow Lamination?

Getting a brow lamination is the perfect way for someone to put their best face forward. A clean and polished look that lasts for weeks – you can’t really beat it. A brow lami is basically a brow perm. The eyebrow perm process involves brushing your eyebrows upward to give them uniformity in vertical direction, while using a specialized chemical perm solution, and then placing plastic wrap over the lami solution that sets your desired shape into place. It is very similar to the steps and products in a lash lift. This results in thicker looking brows and helps prevent hairs from straying all over the place - no more random midday wild hair checks. In short, a brow lamination can help you get those defined and long-lasting brows you’ve been searching for.

Who is a good Candidate for a Brow lamination?

When it comes to perfect brows, brow lamination can be an incredibly effective solution for achieving your desired look. The semi-permanent lamination process involves restructuring the hairs of your brows into the ideal shape and setting them with a specialized brow perm solution. This is especially beneficial for those who want fullness and symmetry, but don't want to commit to microblading or powder brows. Although this technique can yield gorgeous looks for most people, there are some who may not be good candidates for a lamination. If you have over-plucked, very sparse eyebrows then this procedure may not be right for you. Essentially you must have brow hair for this treatment- it’s OK if your brows are on the thinner and lighter side but we need some hair to work with. If you have no brow hair this treatment is not the best option for you. You may want to consider other brow services, such as powder brows or another form of PMU to bring your brows back to life. Be sure to book a consultation to address your concerns with your esthetician and brow artist before scheduling a brow lamination if your not sure if this treatment is right for you.

Why choose Heather Gordon Spa and Wellness for your brow lamination treatment?

Heather Gordon Spa and Wellness is the premier brow lamination spa, offering only the best brow treatments around. Our brow experts have a fantastic eye for detail and special training that sets us apart from other competitors. We are passionate about creating the perfect look for your brows, leaving you with a stunning shape, thickness, and definition you will love. Not to mention, our brow lamination technique keeps brow hairs looking groomed and stay perfectly in place all day! Why not choose Heather Gordon Spa and Wellness to get your brows into place?