Plasma Pen

#1 Plasma Pen in Austin Texas

Upper facial treatments

  1. Eyebrow lift: $750

  2. Glabella Area, Between the Brow: $545

  3. Forehead spot Work on Horizontal Lines/ Worry Lines/ Skin Tension Lines: $545

  4. Full Forehead Lift: $1,135

  5. Hollow Temples: $475

  6. Crows Feet: $800

  7. Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

    • Upper: $875

    • Lower: $800

    • Both: $1335

Lower facial treatments

  1. Oral Commissures/ Mouth Corners: $475

  2. Jowel/Jawline Tightening & Augmentation: $1135

  3. Smokers Lines/Perioral Lines/ Lipstick Lines: $805

  4. Chin Lines & Chin Augmentation: $675

mid facial treatments  

  1. Horizontal Lines/ Bunny Lines: $475

  2. Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines): $615

  3. Accordion Lines & Folds (Cheeks): $615

other treatments

  1. Necklift/ Turkey Neck: $1450

  2. Neck Lines/ Neck Cords/ Banding: $675+

  3. Wrinkled Hands: $800

  4. Stomach & Stretchmarks: $1935

  5. Decollete: $945+

  6. Knees: $945+

  7. Loose Arm Skin/ Sagging: $1135


Over time, the structure of our skin breaks down and the scaffolding elements (the deeper layers) that once supported the surface of the skin no longer do. This means that we develop sagging and wrinkling as art of a slow degenerative process. Plasma treatment for the face and body uses plasma gas to create micro trauma to the upper and deeper layers of the skin, resulting in improved collagen production and renewed appearance to the skin. Very simply, our Plasma Pen device is able to significantly tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate practically any area of the skin. It is a cost-effective & highly compelling alternative to all other medi-aesthetic procedures you may know – including injectables, fillers, microneedling, laser, mesotherapy, dermabrasion and chemabrasion and most (if not all) elective cosmetic surgery procedures


  • Skin tightening procedures around the body

  • Acne scar treatment and smoothing

  • Lifting and sculpting of the face and neck

  • A dramatic reduction of photoageing and superficial wrinkles (rhytids)

  • The partial-to-complete elimination of medium-depth wrinkles

  • Spectacular skin tightening, lifting, regeneration and rejuvenation

  • A marked improvement and softening of deep wrinkles

  • Future tissue stability and the mitigation and reduction of negative behaviors that cause aging